Putting up part 1 of my book, The Invisible Forest

I’m almost done editing part 2 of the book I’ve been working on for the past year, titled The Invisible Forest/The Impossible Life, and I’m putting up part 1. Download and enjoy!


Here is a brief synopsis. (Each part can be read standalone, though part 2 would have no impact if done so.)

The Invisible Forest opens with a nameless man who finds something vaguely discomfiting about his good, ordinary life. One morning he abandons said life and walks along the highway and into the woods. Where the forest ends, another one that is invisible begins. He walks inside and interacts with a host of beings who tell him that the forest doesn’t exist while, at the same time, he learns more about it. Eventually he ends up right where he started.

Part 2, The Impossible Life, opens with an eccentric middle manager named Yan who has just awoken from a dream about a beautiful forest that has made a jarring impression upon him. He proceeds to spend his days trying to return to the invisible forest, to the detriment of his life and the humor of his coworkers.

Should you want to buy it for the Kindle, it’s on Amazon for $.99. And should you want a print copy, that’s on Amazon, too.

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One of those songs…

Best love song

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Thematically Linked

Some more drawings from late 2014 that are loosely linked.


Member Within a World



possible start to a story



Watcher From the Trees



Spinning the Mask



Sleeper (may be painted later)



We Bring Different Things to the Table



We Bring Different Things to the Table



Holding Council

Marriage Inside the Tree of Love

Marriage Inside the Tree of Love

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Drawings From Late 2014




Marriage Inside the Tree of Love



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No Elegance Inside Stress

No Elegance Inside Stress


Took some photos of the various stages of this one. It started as one drawing and about 2/3 of the way through went in a different direction: the added layer of shadows became a sort of second, separate drawing/idea/feel on top of the first. At least in my mind.


It starts with a thing



Part of me wishes I had stopped here


This is about where the shift came, with that shading in the upper left








Spent way too much time on shading this corner




The final result, as captured by my phone


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Happy day. Found a playlist of interviews with some of my favorite musicians.

I discovered a great playlist on YouTube recently that does interviews with some of my favorite musicians and bands. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE41A65C99CED0F89

Loved the ones with Do Make Say Think, Cerberus Shoal, and James Blackshaw. Music from all of those was in the playlist I wrote The Invisible Forest/The Impossible Life to. Also Six Organs is hilarious and not at all what I expected based on the music he makes. One of the most mind-boggling things I’ve observed in the past year or two is how little correlation there is between the style that someone produces in art/music/what have you and their personality/affect. It could seem like two completely different people. At other times it makes perfect sense (which seems to be the case more often with singer-songwriters… or maybe I’m getting ahead of myself without conducting enough field research).

Some of the most turbulent, jarring, and singular (read: not calm) personalities I’ve known produce some of the most balanced, harmonious works I’ve ever seen. Conversely, I come off pretty calm in person, but my stuff rarely conveys such a feel. I suppose it could be related to the phenomenon of not making the kind of music you yourself listen to. I mean you could certainly try to steer things in a stylistic direction you like, but if you let yourself go free you really don’t choose where it takes you. It happens on its own, and you’re as if merely a filter of personality that bends the rays.

Anyway, a lot of the music from the aforementioned bands here not only became associated with the book I’ve been writing for the past year but helped create it, too. Sort of like a fertile ground or clearing space for the ideas to crop up from. I think this is what good music does. It creates a space behind the mind. Which I *think* is what James Blackshaw was saying in his interview, too. Watch it, that was one good interview.


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Lord of Disappearing Worlds

Need to play around with cropping more for some of these….

Lord of Disappearing Worlds

Lord of Disappearing Worlds

A Disappearing World

A Disappearing World

A Disappearing World

A Disappearing World



Flower Queen on Her Throne

Flower Queen on Her Throne

Flower Queen on Her Throne

Flower Queen on Her Throne

A Lord

A Lord

House in Danger

House in Danger

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