Doodles 2015 Part 2


Spinning Forever in Place

- or - Spinning Forever in Place

– or – Cells. Because the more I look at this the more I think of neurons.

Carnival of Two

Carnival of Two

Carnival of Two close up

Carnival of Two close up…. This is a really small drawing.

Both Eyes

Both Eyes

The Land (We All Believe In). Bonus points if you know the reference!

The Land (We All Believe In). Bonus points if you know the reference!

The Lake in the Middle

The Lake in the Middle


Not sure how I like it better….

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Reuploading The Invisible Forest… with edits


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Drawings from the first half of 2015

whole of wholes

Whole of Wholes

breaking archetypes

Breaking archetypes. This is actually two separate drawings, the one on the left being done in March and the one on the right in April.

breaking archetypes 1

Breaking Archetypes





A thing. Maybe a space thing. Not sure.


landscapes everywhere 3

Landscapes Everywhere

landscapes everywhere

Landscapes Everywhere close up


one world seemingly separated into two

one world seemingly separated into two


hurtling through space

Hurtling Through Space (by Myself)

hurtling through space 2

same as above but darker to emphasize dots/stars


school of intuition

School of Intuition

no thinking allowed 2

No Thinking Allowed

while my mother rants about her trip to Israel

While My Mother Rants About Her Trip to Israel


Free Spirit

Free Spirit. Or…  

climbing the mountain going nowhere and coming from nowhere that we continue to attract to ourselves, in space, obviously

… Climbing the Mountain Going Nowhere and Coming From Nowhere That We Continue to Attract to Ourselves, in Space. Obviously.



hidden frontier

Hidden Frontier

hidden frontier 2

Hidden Frontier up close


in space

no name for this one


lost heart

Lost Heart


monster walking through the woods

monster walking through the woods



Done to “Spirits Abandoned.”  This one is actually from July 2014.


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Art is a Self-Evolving School

One of the greatest teachers/teaching systems I’ve accidentally found is art – doing art – practicing art. Not the art itself – that’s only a byproduct in this case, a dead form – but the process. The process is infinitely more interesting than the art itself in this approach, because in one session – one “class” – you can learn multiple lessons. You can watch how the lesson changes from one to another, as if it is careening along an unpredictable sea. You can watch them like three-dimensional idea shapes floating by your perception; you can watch when they come up, and when they fade. And when they fade there is often a moment of absence, an absence of idea, a blank space (not necessarily meant to be filled by a man’s name), a darkness that is not “dark” in our current sense. In those moments, too, you see that any path you happen to go – any flow of ideas you sail down – is just one possible progression. But how do you divide yourself into numerous points of perception and go all ways?

Beyond forced grade school classes, I’ve never studied art formally, so a more formal, intentional approach is not the type of practice I’m talking about. In crude terms it could be said that I’m talking about the exact opposite. However, they’re not mutually exclusive within one person. You could just as well practice both. Only, they are very different processes. The kind of practice I’m talking about doesn’t focus as much on perfecting a technical skill, nor does it start with an idea of what it will be; it starts with an impulse only, perhaps an idea that hasn’t taken concrete form. The space for an idea. Oddly, the more you do it, the less you can say what it is. It becomes characterized only by its state.

I feel that you can learn any lesson in this school. It is – maybe up to a certain limit, I can’t know – self-evolving, or self-sustaining, or grows with you. That is, everything is in the classroom. In the moments when you are making art for no sake (whatever that looks like) you are as if suspended and, perfectly easily, without any effort or strain, you learn. All that’s required is patience and sensitivity.

Art can teach you how not to think but simply do, in a fluid rush that does not feel rushed. It can teach you to passively watch your style evolve and do nothing about it. It can teach you economy, that less is more if you mark in the exact appropriate spots, and how to recognize those spots. It can teach you exactly when to stop. It can teach you to take risks and be fearless. It’s a vehicle for destruction, for gentleness, for any emotion or catharsis. It’s a vehicle for messing up. Above all, art can teach you to be free, and by being free you learn everything else. In freedom you do something for nothing, for the sake of learning. Art can teach you to make something without knowing, at any point, what it will be. It eliminates the next step. It teaches you different approaches toward the same thing – toward anything. It can teach you how to keep an overview while working out the details. It teaches you lessons that you can apply to anything else. It slips in and out seamlessly.

Art – and analyzing art’s process – is also a great tool for procrastination.

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Putting up part 1 of my book, The Invisible Forest

I’m almost done editing part 2 of the book I’ve been working on for the past year, titled The Invisible Forest/The Impossible Life, and I’m putting up part 1. Download and enjoy!


Here is a brief synopsis. (Each part can be read standalone, though part 2 would have no impact if done so.)

The Invisible Forest opens with a nameless man who finds something vaguely discomfiting about his good, ordinary life. One morning he abandons said life and walks along the highway and into the woods. Where the forest ends, another one that is invisible begins. He walks inside and interacts with a host of beings who tell him that the forest doesn’t exist while, at the same time, he learns more about it. Eventually he ends up right where he started.

Part 2, The Impossible Life, opens with an eccentric middle manager named Yan who has just awoken from a dream about a beautiful forest that has made a jarring impression upon him. He proceeds to spend his days trying to return to the invisible forest, to the detriment of his life and the humor of his coworkers.

Should you want to buy it for the Kindle, it’s on Amazon for $.99. And should you want a print copy, that’s on Amazon, too.

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One of those songs…

Best love song

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Thematically Linked

Some more drawings from late 2014 that are loosely linked.


Member Within a World



possible start to a story



Watcher From the Trees



Spinning the Mask



Sleeper (may be painted later)



We Bring Different Things to the Table



We Bring Different Things to the Table



Holding Council

Marriage Inside the Tree of Love

Marriage Inside the Tree of Love

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