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Free Craigslist Finds - Year 0018 Week 1

4 January 2018

As a way to motivate myself to be more resourceful in bringing various projects currently existing as a swirl cloud into fruition, and to update this blog, I'll be posting some weekly free craiglist finds from around my area and maybe beyond. What do we have this week, as of the New Year? A seven month old kitten, a baby grand piano, and, as any craigslist-free hounder knows, tons of free pallets!


  • Please take the kitten. Look at its eyes :(
  • I can't - and don't entirely - believe that this baby grand piano is free free, but it seems worth checking out if all it will need is a tuning.
  • No link for the pallets. There are too many.


Also worth a mention are:


Side note: if anyone knows where I can get some free rocks, like the smooth, large-pebble kind used in a garden or as a paperweight, please let me know.


... In the 18th year after the armageddon that destroyed our computers and, subsequently, our entire infrastructure - to include our calendar system - we forage through the internet's tatters and our neighbors' yards for the things they have abandoned, finding for them unexpected uses in this new, wild era where the poisonous yet tiered and predictable economic crystal has been left chaos and barter is always a real option when you spend your life wandering along the road....